MUST HAVE award from Lodz Design Festival goes to our Solar Station SCANDIK

MUST HAVE is a plebiscite organized by Łódź Design Festival, distinguishing the best Polish implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers reflecting the most important trends in Polish design.

It is a free quality mark, which Polish companies can use in Poland and abroad. It was created to promote good Polish design and thus promote native business and designers. MUST HAVE is a kind of consumer recommendation – the awarded item is worth having.

Solar benches at G7. SMART technology from ZANO

Photon bench at Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), 16th of August 2019 (GUILLAUME BARUCQ / FRANCEINFO)

The weekend from 24th to 26th august in Biarritz wasn’t only the weekend dedicatedto G7. During thoes 3 days, this french city which is situated in the departament of Alpine Pyrenees, in the region New Aquitaine, became the capital of the solar energie.

Big opportunity

Thanks to the Engie company (the developer of renovable energies), the patron of the summit, for ZANO it was a big opportunity to show the products of the new line SMART CITY. We were asked to prepare solar benches and stations for G7 summit.

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Why the SMART technology?

Bench Photon by ZANO was created in SMART technology

The sources of the renewable energy – is it worth it?

In the age of new technology, where ecology and sustainable development are on the centre of attention, the designers are standing up to the new challenges. The sources of renewable energy are becoming much more popular than they were a couple of years earlier. Back to then, it was connected with big winds and solar farms or the companies which could afford  green energy. The main reason were the high prices of the technology equipment which was necessary to construct the elements and machines which generate this energy. Nowadays, we can see the tendency of the prices of solar panels declining in the last 40 years.

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ZANO as an exhibitor at Public Space Innovation 2018 in Birmingham

Soon, on 7-8 November 2018 will be an opportunity to see our products exhibited at the “Public Space Innovation” show in Birmingham, UK. We invite everyone interested to visit our exhibition stand, where our representative will be happy to present our offer.

In order to take part in the fair you need to download a ticket and register on the event’s website:

See you there!

ZANO Smart City Street Furniture

ZANO Smart City is the answer to the changing world towards ecology, environmental care and energy saving. Our Smart City products function as independent power sources in a variety of locations, especially where electricity and lighting are difficult to supply. They are resistant to changing weather conditions. When designing our solar furniture we want it not only to be durable and efficient, but also to have a style. That is why the base materials for our products are stainless steel and wood.
We would like to present you the Photon solar bench, available with and without backrest.
The bench is equipped with the bench:
– inductive charger for mobile devices
– three USB outputs for charging mobile devices (including one quick charge)
– wifi module
– overnight LED glow
– Bluetooth sound module
– photovoltaic panels supplying electricity
– batteries providing up to three days of operation in the absence of the sun

Link to the product below:

Another product that will soon come to ZANO’s permanent offer is a small solar station. Its purpose is to facilitate access to a source of energy in places where we have to charge our smartphone in an emergency. The station has:
– inductive charger for mobile devices
– usb outputs, for charging mobile devices
– photovoltaic panels to provide electricity.

Creative small urban architecture

Small urban architecture – fresh and modern approach

Intersections in Gdynia by izabela boloz 4
Intersections – par of Gdynia small urban architecture

Contemporary city is a great challenge for architecture, and especially for small urban architecture. Moreover, its inhabitants are demanding as well – they need something creative and  functional at the same moment, something that will not only be another type of decoration, but it has to add a new qualities to their city.

We are more and more willing to attach importance to looks of our surroundings, things that we use every day and to our cities. It is demonstrated by the growing number of different festival about design, fashion and trends. During on of such festivals in Gdynia 2014 Izabela Bołoz has presented her installation called Intersections.

Intersections by Izabela Bołoz
Intersections by Izabela Bołoz

Keynote here would be simplicity and playing with shapes. Rather simple geometrical figures combined together make something unique. Totally new connections gives you brilliantly refreshing idea in a city planning.

Intersections in Gdynia by izabela boloz 2
Intersections in Gdynia, made by Izabela Bołoz

Izabela Bołoz moves from conventional planning. As it was deservedly noticed during design festival in Gdynia – her project is balanced between architecture, design and art. Modularity of her project is a great advantage. Overlapped geometrical figures can be join in a different ways, what gives them functionality and thanks to that they can suits well needs of inhabitants.

Izabela Bołoz small urban architecture
Intersection – small urban architecture in Gdynia

Intersections has been put on a Feliks Nowowiejskis boulevard in Gdynia. The serve inhabitants of a city and the tourists as a place to meet, or to rest. Intersections were also warmly welcomed by the youngest – children treat this installation as a place to play.

Intersections in Gdynia
Intersections in Gdynia

Project of Izabela Bołoz shows that small urban architecture can engage citizens, and it has grown into society. Thanks to its comfortable and functional form, Intercetion has convinced those, who like to stroll, and its design add a genuinely new qualities to this seaside city landscape.

Intersection were also shown all over the Europe: during design week in Milan, in Kopenhagen and on the Eidhoven airport.

If, as great German philosopher once said, architecture is a music of space, music made by Izabela Bołoz is unusual, but calm. Simple, but intriguing. Thought and free. Site furnishings designed this way are answer for the citizens demands and the bring new value to city.

Site furnishings – character of a city

Hidden Face of site furnishings

Site furnishings surround us and they partially create our everyday life. Modern lifestyle often requires from us to live faster,and that is why sometimes we pass by astonishing examples of street furnitures. Only when we find a few moments for a reflection, for a Sunday walk with a family or our loved ones – that’s the time when we can notice that our landscape is made by certain elements, which combined together create a true charm of our neighbourhood, thanks to them our favourite corner becomes special. It can be historical city centre or small, quiet street or contemporary district. Some people prefer classical elegant style or contemporary functionality – both kinds you can find in offer of ZANO, manufacturer of street furniture.

Bench without a backrest Mimesis
Example of a site furnishings -two Mimesis benches in a Museum of Municipal Engineering.

Site furnishings – a step towards contemporary elegance


On a following pictures we would like to show to you how elements of site furnishings such as benches or litter bins can influence the image of certain spaces. During a stroll around Kraków, tourists and citizens can stumble upon our projects. Located in a Museum of Municipal Engineering in Kraków Mimesis benches add unique identity to that place.

Mimezis Benches and Mimesis Litter bin
Mimesis benches and Litter Bin located in Kraków

Benches without backrest, made of stylish wood and durable metal perfectly fit to that space. Without them, Museum’s squares would seem much more empty and uncompleted.

Site furnishings: mimesis litter bin
Mimesis Litter Bin on a square of Municipal Engineering Museum in Kraków

Mimesis Litter bins with a company of a statue on a Museum’s square present itself proudly and in a dignified manner. It is thanks to its design – simple and contemporary while still remaining functional and easy to use. Won’t be mistaken one, who will consider site furnishings as a part of art.

Outdoor site furnishings - backrest bench and litter bin
Mimesis bench and litter bin

Elegant and old-fashioned buildings are combined together with modern and simple, but elegant benches. This particular symbiosis of site furnishings elements and buildings of a Museum situated in a beautiful district of Kazimierz result with the one and only view.

Brand new ZANO urban lounger!

Relaxation has just got a new shape!

Street architecture is strictly bonded with urban space. Together, they can create something truly remarkable. One can even say that street furniture can crown urban landscape, while still being functional. Benches with a backrest and those without one – they all were create to bring relaxation and rest. Pedestrians, those who like to stroll or even tourists will happily perch for just a second to catch a breath. Lounger Duo is a newest ZANO project created to make it easier to relax for inhabitants of urban areas. Thanks to specially curved backrest anyone can allow to take a minute to rest after hard day at work or exhausting walk. Urban Duo lounger is quite wide, so that anyone can sit on it and feel comfortable -even if you want to sit with your favorite pet or your partner.

Duo lounger from ZANO

High quality and relaxation – it goes together!

To produce Duo lounger we use highest quality materials. It is up to client to choose between carbon galvanized steel or stainless steel. A seat is made of wood, which additionally brings out its modern style. We want our product to be not only comfortable but also durable – so it can serve our clients as long as it is possible and help them to relax.

zano duo lounger

New city lounger Duo – relax with a sense of a style

Lounger Duo is an example of contemporary design for street architecture. It is not only comfortable and durable, but also elegant and esthetic. It proves that unusual design attracts attention. Without a doubt this model will perfectly suit in any kind of space – modern city center, contemporary office space or crowded shopping malls.

Urban Duo lounger made by ZANO

Allow yourself to take a break

Duo lounger was designed to help you get away from street noises. You can now leave behind you all your problems, just sit comfortably and relax.

Latest Orbit modular bench model

New project of Orbit modular bench!

We are glad to announce, that ZANO company has create another model of Orbit modular benches. Orbit products stand out thanks to their functionallity. New, creative design allows to adjust modular benches to your own needs – all Orbit modules are completly campatible with one another. New Orbit modular bench 02.453 has different shape, than two previous – it is based on a square, not on a semicircle.

Orbit modular bench 02.453
New Orbit modular bench 02.453

Extraordinary design

New form creates new possibilities. Former models combained reasamble circle – now, you can arrange Orbit benches in much more different shapes! Examples of new solutions you can see on the pictures below:


Orbit modular bench
Orbit modular benches

Orbit modular bench
Example of Orbit set in use

Modular bench 02.453 – contemporary project and high quality

As you can see Orbit 02.453 makes it easy to create set ups that will light up any space – contemporary public spaces, shopping malls or historical city districts. Orbit benches are extremply populare due to high quality materials used during production. It’s up to client to choose between carbon galvanized steel or stainless steel, which can be paitned in any colour from RAL palette.