City Lounge by ZANO appreciated!

City Lounge – the latest project of renovation of the Market Square in Kielce was greatly appreciated!

This project, designed by three architects – Grzegorz Bień, Michał Gdak and Ewelina Gdak and manufactured by ZANO Company received very positive reviews. Well-known and popular webpages about street furniture and modern urban spaces found City Longue as an important step towards changing perceptions and arrangement of the central parts of the city…

“New quality”, “A perfect place”, “Praiseworthy reconstruction”, “Unusual items”, “Every centimeter used z with great caution”, “Success of investment in Kielce” – these are just some examples of superlatives about City Longue manufactured by ZANO. They come from popular architectural websites . Editors of portals such as: or appreciated the innovativeness of City Longue project.

The public spaces, and especially the area around the most representative buildings, is a showcase of the city. The classic place with benches and litter bins are slowly becoming out of date – nowadays they are being replaced by real City Longues – according to the article on the popular page

Design and the quality of furniture of City Longue was also appreciated by the prestigious website, where we can read:

New quality of urban space – “City Longue” in Kielce. A perfect place for lovers of creative entertainment, meetings with friends, greenery and… relax on a comfortable hammock. City Longue consists of unusual items: a hanger for handbag, sun loungers, hammock, bicycle rack and even … hanging carpet with pillows.

The authors of the cited articles foreshadow the birth of a real fashion for the City Longues:

Kielce already have its City Longue (…). After success of investment in Kielce, another polish cities will follow this example.



Bicycle repair station Kangu by ZANO – create bicycle-friendly place!

Bike enchants you with its simple, easy-to-use design and low maintenance costs. The amount of cyclists on Polish roads, paths and hiking trails is rapidly growing – already 70% of Poles regularly uses the bicycle for recreation, commuting to work or for sport.

Bike-friendly space
The growing popularity of bicycles results in development of cycling infrastructure. Cyclists appreciate changes in the cycling landscape, but also their expectations are becoming higher and that’s why ordinary bicycle rack is definitely no longer enough. Universal bike repair station Kangu is a clear signal that some place is friendly to the owners of “two wheels” – ecological, fast, healthy and more and more popular mean of transport.



Where are the bicycle repair stations needed?
…in the area of office buildings, tourist and sports facilities, shops, commercial galleries, in places designed for recreation (eg. parks), in the workplaces, central parts of cities, near to the bike lanes and fuel stations. Self-service bicycle repair station, created in close cooperation with cyclists, creates the image of a cyclists-friendly place. It gives the possibility to quickly repair a bike to people visiting the building (employees, customers, tourists, inhabitants) and, what’s more, it becomes an attractive element of architecture.




Basic features of bicycle repair station:
• thick and durable steel,
• toolbox designed for your needs,
• bicycle pump with two pistons (you will need only several moves to inflate the tire!),
• flexible possibilities of installation – either using anchors or concrete foundation.



If you are interested in our bicycle repair station, take a look at product data sheet.
We invite you to contact us! We will design bike repair station tailored to your needs. Together we will create more bike-friendly places!

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