Solar benches at G7. SMART technology from ZANO

Photon bench at Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), 16th of August 2019 (GUILLAUME BARUCQ / FRANCEINFO)

The weekend from 24th to 26th august in Biarritz wasn’t only the weekend dedicatedto G7. During thoes 3 days, this french city which is situated in the departament of Alpine Pyrenees, in the region New Aquitaine, became the capital of the solar energie.

Big opportunity

Thanks to the Engie company (the developer of renovable energies), the patron of the summit, for ZANO it was a big opportunity to show the products of the new line SMART CITY. We were asked to prepare solar benches and stations for G7 summit.

The ZANO constructors prepared the street furniture SMART at their atelier in Poland, with the highest precision for the details and using the best materials of the highest quality. On the french websites it’s possible to find some articles about our products and their adventages (for exemple: ,,,

A storm of commentary

On Twitter, our street furniture has triggered a storm of commentary. The major of Biarritz, Guillaume Barucq, twitted: “Biarritz got their own solar benches. Come to see them, but try not to sit on them in the hours of the biggest sun. They produce on maximum!”

This joke became the subject of discussion, because it was misunderstood by the internauts. The major didn’t foresee that. When he realized it, he added some commentaires with the adventages of the solar bench. He also published a photo of himself sitting on this same solar bench and using the USB charger. In a full sun.

The head of the renewable energy products in Engie, who was responsible for G7 project, said: “Those benches won’t burn the bottom of anyone, also if the sun is shining very hard.”.

We can assure you that those benches can’t get any hotter than, for example, the benches made of steel. This can be confirmed by tourists, who eagerly sit on our benches and benefit from what they offer.

Author: Aleksandra Skrzypek

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